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travel to the caribbeanTravel Insurance and International Medical Insurance shopping is easier than ever!  You can compare a huge list of plans to find the one that best fits your needs. Click the Insurance Quote! link above where you can now get iQuotes for International Health Insurance, Travel Medical plans , Trip Cancellation policies, US Visitor & Immigrant coverage and Missionary Medical Plans. We also offer online quotes & applications for International Life Insurance, International Student Insurance, and Schengen & J-Visa Insurance! This system allows you to enter some simple details without entering any personally identifiable information.  No names, no email addresses and no phone numbers needed to generate your iQuote!

We understand that shopping for insurance can be a very confusing process. We take our job very seriously and do everything we can to be sure that you understand the plan that you purchase. We strive to be your agents forever, and promise to be there to offer our advice and insight. You can contact us at info [at] if you need more information or advice in choosing the right plan for you.

International Health Insurance

Are you looking for a permanent medical insurance plan that you can use worldwide? One that will still cover you if you live outside the US? We have put together a strong portfolio of plans from some of the top companies in the world! Choose from plans like the Global Medical Insurance plan and Global Missionary Medical Plans from IMG, and Reside Prime from SevenCorners (formerly Specialty Risk International - SRI).  We also offer the GeoBlue plans from HTH Worldwide.

Travel Medical Insurance

In many cases your domestic health insurance provides very little coverage for you when you leave your home country. Travel medical plans like the Atlas Series, Patriot Series, Liaison Majestic and Liaison International offer strong coverage for those unexpected illnesses and injuries when you are away from home. Plans include benefits like hazardous sport coverage, terrorism coverage, emergency medical evacuation and much more.

US Visitor Medical Insurance

When you or close family members are planning to come to the US for a short-term visit or are moving here permanently, they need some kind of health insurance coverage to protect them in case they have medical problems. These plans are a lower cost alternative to other Travel Health Insurance plans. Scheduled benefit plans like Visitor Secure, Inbound USA, and Visitor Care are a good choice for the cost conscious person.

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

Do you take several trips outside of your Home Country every year? Are you tired of buying a new policy for every trip to provide you with medical and evacuation coverage while you travel? You should take a look at Wandersm Frequent Traveler, Patriot Multi-Trip and Atlas Multi-Trip. Each plan is different and will provide you with good choices for you and your family. Medjet is also a nice option if you are simply looking for a medical evacuation plan to return you back home in the event of a hospitalization overseas.

International Military Student Insurance

Students coming to the US to study at one of the many military schools must have insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the DSCA medical policy requirements, providing comprehensive coverage for officers/students and their dependents. InsuranceQuest offers an exclusive plan that satisfy the Department of Defense requirments:

Travel Visa Insurance

There are many types of Visas that require medical coverage in order to qualify.  Schengen Visa and J-1 Visas are a good example.  Each visa has specific requirements for eligible plans that must be met prior to getting the visa issued.  We have several plans that meet or exceed the requirements for each kind of visa.  You can view the information on our Schengen Visa Insurance & J-1/J-2 Visa Insurance pages. We provide full benefit schedules, list exclusions and offer online instant applications for each plan we represent.  You are welcome to call or email us with any questions.

Lower Cost US Immigrant Insurance

When you or close family members are moving here permanently, they need some kind of medical coverage to protect them in case they have medical problems.  In most cases immigrants are not immediately eligible for a local insurance plan, or if they are 65+ years old, they will not qualify for Medicare for 5 years. Scheduled benefit plans like Inbound USA, and Visitor Care are a good choice for the cost conscious person needing something short term until they qualify for a local health insurance plan.  Inbound Immigrant is renewable for up to 5 years, so this plan is ideal for older immigrants needing coverage until they qualify for Medicare.

Trip Cancellation Coverage

RoundTrip from SevenCorners, Travel Basic, Travel Max or Travel Select from Travelex offer very strong trip cancellation policies that cover you for Trip Cancellations, Travel Delays, Baggage Loss or Baggage Delay, Rental Car Protection as well as a small benefit amount for health problems that occur while on your trip. If you are a Canadian needing trip cancellation coverage, you might look at Trip Protection Elite which is available to anyone around the world.

Medical Evacuation

Receive quotes and apply online for a Medical Evacuation program from Medjet Assist. This program can be purchased to supplement an existing Travel policy, or as a stand alone product. Being evacuated to a more suitable facility can be very expensive. This plan gives you the peace of mind to assure that you can get to adequate facilities when you most need it. You are covered any time you are away from your home more than 150 miles.

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International Insurance Comparison Quoting

InsuranceQuest now has one of the most comprehensive and easy to use quoting systems for Travel Insurance and International Medical Insurance.  On the left side of this page you will see the quoting interface for the system.   In less than a minute, you can enter some simple details about your needs and the system will present you with the plan options that meet your requirements.   There are trip cancellation, travel health, US Visitor and international health insurance plans available. Your trip can be as short as 3 days, or you could be living outside of the US permanently!