Travel Medical

These are the comprehensive short-term travel medical insurance plans designed to cover people traveling outside of their country of residence/citizenship. These are illness & injury policies designed to cover any new illness or injury that occurs during your trip. Optional Hazardous Sport Riders are generally available. Some plans also offer limited coverage for pre-existing conditions.

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Visitor Medical

US Visitor plans are designed for those who don't believe that they need all of the financial protection that you find in Comprehensive Travel Medical Plans, but at the same time believe that they need some coverage. Generally less expensive than Travel Medical plans, this kind of insurance plan can best be described as a low-cost Scheduled Benefit Plan.

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Trip Cancellation

Trip Cancellation Insurance plans are designed to cover the cost of the trip, illnesses that might occur while traveling or some lost baggage. If you buy a policy within a certain number of days from the initial trip deposit, many plans waive the pre-existing condition clause.

Some plans offer optional Cancel for Any Reason benefits or Cancel for Any Work Reason.

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Expat Medical

International Medical Insurance plans allow you to build a custom plan that meets your specific needs. Maternity benefits are available either in the basic policy, or as an additional rider. Other options include dental coverage or life insurance. These plans are available worldwide with some exceptions.

US citizens must reside abroad or plan to leave the US on their effective date and plan to reside abroad for at least six of the next 12 months. Non-US citizens may reside anywhere, including their country of citizenship, although certain eligibility restrictions may apply to non-US citizens residing in the U.S.

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Schengen Visa Plans

If you are traveling to one of the Schengen Countries, or others that have specific requirements for medical insurance coverage in order to satisfy their visa requirements for visitors to their countries. Currently the Schengen requirement is for coverage no less than €30,000 in medical benefits along with emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. These plans will also provide you with confirmation of coverage letter than you can submit with your visa application.

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Multi-Trip Travel Medical

Travel Medical Insurance are annual plans that provide medical & evacuation coverage outside of your home country on any number of trips up to 30 or 45 days in duration. These comprehensive benefit plans offer the ease and convenience of purchasing a single annual plan at an affordable annual premium.

We have plans that are right for people of all ages!

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International Student Plans

Student Medical plans are for inbound or outbound international students needing coverage for a minimum of a month up to 4 or more years. They are designed specifically to meet or exceed the medical insurance requirements for j1/J2 visas and include benefits like maternity and mental health.

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Military Student Plans

Military Student Insurance plans are designed for incoming military students and their families while they attend military colleges in the US. These plans meet the requirements set by the US Department of Defense.

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Missionary Medical Coverage

Major medical insurance for long-term missionaries and their families. Flexible, long-term, annually renewable, U.S.-style major medical insurance plan designed for U.S citizens living abroad or non-U.S. nationals throughout the world.

Renewal provisions highly favorable for missionaries on extended furlough in the U.S.

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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

(“PPACA”): This insurance is not subject to, and does not provide certain of the insurance benefits required by, the United States PPACA. PPACA requires certain U.S. residents and citizens to obtain PPACA compliant insurance coverage. In certain circumstances penalties may be imposed on U.S. residents and citizens who do not maintain PPACA compliant insurance coverage. You should consult your attorney or tax professional to determine if PPACA’s requirements are applicable to you. The policy contains the plan benefits, including a lifetime maximum that you have selected. Please review your choices to ensure that you have sufficient coverage to meet your medical needs. is a web site from CDA Insurance LLC. CDA Insurance LLC is not an insurance carrier, we are an agency that represents many companies offering products to the general public. We do our best to assure that all information presented on our web site is current and accurate. The information and suggestions on our site are intended for informational purposes only, and we expressly disclaim any representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the accuracy of such information.

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