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Seven Corners (formerly Specialty Risk International) offers many insurance plans designed for people needing worldwide health insurance coverage.  Below are general descriptions of each product.  If you would like more detailed information about the plans offered by Seven Corners, choose from the list of plans shown above in the light blue navigation.

Inbound Plans from SevenCorners

Inbound Immigrant | Inbound USA

Welcome to the United States!  As you may have already noticed, health care is of major concern to most Americans. To ensure that a person is properly protected against catasrophic health expenses, medical insurance is often purchased.  While the majority of Americans obtain medical coverage through a group program provided by their employer, such opportunities may not be available to recent U.S. immigrants (perhaps the immigrant is self-employed, in between jobs, or already in retirement). [more information]

The Solution to Your Concerns is SRI's Inbound Immigrant program

Specialty Risk International has a program designed specifically for immigrants to the United States.  The plan offers a schedule of benefits at very competitive rates. In addition, the plan is underwritten by The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, an AIG company rated A++ "Superior" by AM Best.

Why you need InBound USA

While the United States offers the most comprehensive medical care available, it is often complicated as well as very expensive. For the visitor to the United States or the recent immigrant, finding a program that is easy to understand and reasonably priced is often difficult. [more information]

As a solution, InboundUSA was developed to provide a simple program to visitors and immigrants.

This is a brief description of the InboundUSA program. Detailed wording is outlined in the Program Summary, which will be mailed to you once you have enrolled into Inbound USA.


This program is available to non-United States citizens who come to the U.S. for business, pleasure, to study, or to immigrate. The program must become effective within 12 months of arrival in the United States.

Period of Coverage

You may initially enroll into Inbound USA for between 5 and 364 days. If you initially purchase at least 3 months, you may continue to renew coverage for a minimum 3 months at a time, at the premium rate in force at the time of renewal. Total period of coverage for Inbound USA cannot exceed 364 days (in order to reapply after the 364 days, you must first return to your home country). Renewals for clients purchasing a minimum of 3 months of coverage.

Liaison International

Liaison International Travel Medical Insurance

Reside Prime

Specialty Risk International created its original program Reside® Prime (formerly Signature Worldwide) in 1997. Reside® Prime is designed to offer comprehensive health insurance benefits to international citizens by following the benefit plans of a US medical program.

Reside® Prime Worldwide Medical Plan is Ideal for the following....

  • U.S. Citizens spending at least one year outside of the United States who desire a U.S. style medical program. Not only does the plan offer seamless coverage throughout the world, it allows the insured to travel anywhere for treatment. See Important Information below.
  • Foreign Nationals, either traveling often or permanently residing in their home country. In addition to being able to travel for treatment, foreign insureds have the security of being insured by an A- "Excellent" rated insurance company.

Reside Worldwide

Reside® Worldwide is a "Scheduled Benefit Plan" with specified amounts payable for certain treatments. In this way, insureds receive precise benefits for the coverage purchased. Reside® Worldwide Medical Plan is designed to be a lower cost alternative to Reside® Prime from SRI.

  • US$5,000,000 in Lifetime Coverage.
  • Covered Worldwide.
  • Scheduled Benefits show exact amount of the covered benefits.

Reside® Worldwide Medical Plan is Ideal for the following....

  • International Citizens residing in foreign countries who desire the flexibility to travel and not loose protection.
  • Missionaries, consider the cost effective solution when spending years abroad. With a scheduled benefit plan, you are only paying for the coverage you require.
  • Foreign Nationals who do not travel, but seek the security and flexibility of a worldwide insurance program administered in the United States.

RoundTrip Travel Protection

RoundTrip Travel Protection

  • Trip Cancellation and Assistance Services – your eligibility begins on your effective date.
  • Trip Delay / Missed Connection - in force while you are en route to and from your covered trip.
  • Flight Accident Plan (if chosen) - begins on the departure date or the date your completed enrollment form and fees are postmarked, faxed, or transmitted via the Internet and ends when the trip is completed or after 30 days (unless additional days are purchased), whichever comes first.
  • All Other Coverages (includes Trip Interruption) – you become eligible for benefits at 12:01a.m. on your scheduled departure date or your effective date whichever is later, and ends at the point and time of return on the scheduled return date.
  • Maximum Trip Length under RoundTrip is 30 days (unless additional days are purchased).
  • [more information]