US Visitor Medical Insurance

This kind of insurance plan can best be described as a "Scheduled Benefit Plan". This means that for every benefit, there is a maximum amount of money that the company will pay for that particular service. For older travelers, these plans become very affordable and provide decent coverage for hospital room & board charges, and also include separate surgical, office visit, prescription, etc. benefits that vary depending on the policy maximum chosen.  You should realize that all of the plans in this category are really designed to be "lower priced" than the more comprehensive "Travel Health Insurance" plans.

InBound USA from SevenCorners (Formerly SRI)


While the United States offers the most comprehensive medical care available, it is often complicated as well as very expensive. For the visitor to the United States or the recent immigrant, finding a program that is easy to understand and reasonably priced is often difficult. [ more information ]

As a solution, InboundUSA was developed to provide a simple program to visitors and immigrants.

This is a brief description of the InboundUSA program. Detailed wording is outlined in the Program Summary, which will be mailed to you once you have enrolled into Inbound USA.


This program is available to non-United States citizens who come to the U.S. for business, pleasure, to study, or to immigrate. The program must become effective within 12 months of arrival in the United States. It is your responsibility to maintain all records regarding travel history and age and provide necessary documents to Seven Corners to verify eligibility if required.


Your coverage length may vary from 5 days to 364 days. You have the option to renew coverage in whatever increment you choose subject to a 5 day minimum (there is a $5 fee each time you renew). You may apply for a new period of coverage after 364 days if you return to your home country before doing so. Click here to renew your coverage.

Visitors CareSM from IMG


The Visitors Care plan provides visitor medical insurance coverage for individuals traveling outside their country of citizenship for a minimum of one month up to 24 months. If the initial purchase is for a period of 1 month or longer, the plan is renewable for a minimum of 1 month at a time for a total of 24 months. 

This plan offers Lifetime benefit maximums of US$25,000, US$50,000 and US$100,000. You have your choice of deductibles of US$75 or US$150 per period of insurance. When you incur eligible medical expenses , the plan will provide benefits for Usual, Reasonable and Customary charges as outlined in the Schedule of Benefits.

Visitor Secure from HCC Medical Insurance Services

Visitor Secure

Individuals from around the globe live and work in the US. While traditional domestic plans are available to permanent residents, family, friends and others who visit these individuals often need insurance protection while they are in the US. VisitorSecureSM is designed to protect these international visitors. The plan also provides an additional, economical option for US citizens traveling abroad. VisitorSecureSM provides quality insurance at a price that does not break the bank. It provides both inpatient and outpatient hospital benefits and many other valuable emergency travel features, giving you protection you can rely on. Whether you are looking for coverage for one individual or a group of family members,VisitorSecureSM has the features you need. Each plan includes coverage for Medical Expenses, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and Common Carrier AD&D. In addition, the plan offers a choice of deductibles and coverage options assuring that the plan will meet almost any budget. [ more information ]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”): This insurance is not subject to, and does not provide certain of the insurance benefits required by, the United States PPACA. PPACA requires certain U.S. residents and citizens to obtain PPACA compliant insurance coverage. In certain circumstances penalties may be imposed on U.S. residents and citizens who do not maintain PPACA compliant insurance coverage. You should consult your attorney or tax professional to determine if PPACA’s requirements are applicable to you. The policy contains the plan benefits, including a lifetime maximum that you have selected. Please review your choices to ensure that you have sufficient coverage to meet your medical needs.