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Available for trips up to 90 days in duration, RoundTrip is a quality trip cancellation insurance plan that provides a wide range of carefully chosen benefits to protect your trip cost, your health, and your baggage.

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RoundTrip Travel Protection Limitations & Exclusions

  1. suicide, attempted suicide or any intentionally self-inflicted injury of You, a Traveling Companion, Family Member or Business Partner booked to travel with You, while sane or insane;
  2. an act of declared or undeclared war;
  3. participating in maneuvers or training exercises of an armed service, except while participating in weekend or summer training for the reserve forces of the United States, including the National Guard;
  4. riding or driving in races, or speed or endurance competitions or events;
  5. mountaineering (engaging in the sport of scaling mountains generally requiring the use of picks, ropes, or other special equipment);
  6. participating as a member of a team in an organized sporting competition or participating as a professional in a stunt, athletic or sporting event or competition;
  7. participating in skydiving or parachuting, parasailing, hang gliding, bungee cord jumping, extreme skiing, skiing outside marked trails or heli-skiing, mountaineering, any race, speed contests not including any of the regatta races, spelunking or caving, hot air ballooning, or scuba diving if the depth exceeds 120 feet (40 meters) or if You are not certified to dive and a dive master is not present during the dive;
  8. piloting or learning to pilot or acting as a member of the crew of any aircraft;
  9. being Intoxicated as defined herein, or under the influence of any controlled substance unless as administered or prescribed by a Legally Qualified Physician;
  10. the commission of or attempt to commit a felony or being engaged in an illegal occupation;
  11. normal childbirth or pregnancy (except Complications of Pregnancy) or voluntarily induced abortion;
  12. dental treatment (except as coverage is otherwise specifically provided herein);
  13. amounts which exceed the Maximum Benefit Amount for each coverage as shown in the Schedule of Benefits;
  14. due to a Pre-Existing Condition, as defined in the Policy. The Pre-Existing Condition Limitation does not apply to the Emergency Medical Evacuation or return of remains coverage;
  15. any amount paid or payable under any Worker’s Compensation, Disability Benefit or similar law;
  16. a loss or damage caused by detention, confiscation or destruction by customs;
  17. Elective Treatment and Procedures;
  18. medical treatment during or arising from a Trip undertaken for the purpose or intent of securing medical treatment;
  19. an assessment from a Legally Qualified Physician advising You in writing that You, a Traveling Companion, Family Member or Business Partner booked to travel with You are not Medically Fit to Travel, as defined in the Policy, at the time of purchase of Coverage for a Trip.

The following exclusions apply to Collision Damage Waiver:

  1. Any obligation the Insured assumes under any agreement (except insurance collision deductible);
  2. Rentals of trucks, campers, trailers, off-road or four-wheel drive vehicles, motor bikes, motorcycles, recreational vehicles or Exotic Vehicles;
  3. Any loss that occurs if the Insured is in violation of the rental agreement;
  4. Failure to report the loss to the proper local authorities and the rental car company;
  5. Damage to any other vehicle, structure or person as a result of a covered loss.

The following duties in the event of loss apply to Collision Damage Waiver:

  1. The Insured must take all reasonable, necessary steps to protect the vehicle and prevent further damage to it;
  2. The Insured must report the loss to the appropriate local authorities and the rental company as soon as possible;
  3. The Insured must obtain all information on any other party involved in an Accident, such as name, address, insurance information and driver’s license number;
  4. The Insured must provide the Company all documentation such as rental agreement, police report and damage estimate.

When "Pre-existing Conditions" Apply

Pre-Existing Condition means any injury, sickness or condition of You, Your Traveling Companion, Your Family Member booked to travel with You for which within the sixty (60) day period prior to the effective date of Trip Cancellation coverage under the Group Policy

  1. first manifested itself or exhibited symptoms that would have caused one to seek diagnosis, care or treatment;
  2. required taking prescribed drugs or medicine, unless the condition for which the prescribed drug or medicine is taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription; or
  3. required medical treatment or treatment was recommended by a Physician.

Claim Questions & Situations

After you have enrolled, you will receive an Evidence of Benefits and an ID Card, which will describe all aspects of the program, as well as who to contact in case of an emergency or if a claim should occur. The Assistance Company should be contacted if you require assistance while on your trip. When purchasing your trip, be sure to keep all documentation. This information will be required in order to process any claim.


Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, which is rated “A” (Excellent) by AM Best.

Please see Evidence of Benefits for Specific State filings, and/or change in benefits.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

(“PPACA”): This insurance is not subject to, and does not provide certain of the insurance benefits required by, the United States PPACA. PPACA requires certain U.S. residents and citizens to obtain PPACA compliant insurance coverage. In certain circumstances penalties may be imposed on U.S. residents and citizens who do not maintain PPACA compliant insurance coverage. You should consult your attorney or tax professional to determine if PPACA’s requirements are applicable to you. The policy contains the plan benefits, including a lifetime maximum that you have selected. Please review your choices to ensure that you have sufficient coverage to meet your medical needs. is a web site from CDA Insurance LLC. CDA Insurance LLC is not an insurance carrier, we are an agency that represents many companies offering products to the general public. We do our best to assure that all information presented on our web site is current and accurate. The information and suggestions on our site are intended for informational purposes only, and we expressly disclaim any representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the accuracy of such information.

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