International Medical Plan Comparison

Limited Benefit Plans

These plans are designed to be lower priced than the Comprehensive Benefit Plans. They either limit the amount that they will pay for some medical services or they may exclude coverage for things like wellness benefits, mental health or other services.

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   Comprehensive Benefit Plans

This type of plan design is much better coverage than a Scheduled Benefit plan. With this type of plan your "out of pocket maximum" is much more certain, especially in the event of a major illness or injury. This also tends to be more expensive than a Scheduled Benefit design.

List of Comprehensive Plans:

   Limited Benefit Plans

This type of plan is designed to be lower priced than the Comprehensive plans. These plans may provide benefits for hospitalization and surgical, but these benefits will be limited. Scheduled plans are not meant to be effective for catastrophic events. These plans cost much less than comprehensive health insurance. They generally pay limited benefits amounts, and payments are based upon the limits set in the plan's "schedule of benefits".

List of Scheduled Benefit Plans:

Azimuth Risk Expat Medical Insurance

Meridian Essential

The Meridian Essential provides a premium menu of essential, generous, yet affordable benefits. If great value at a price which will still allow room for the rest of life's expenses is vital to you, the Meridian Essential is the right fit for you.

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Meridian Enhanced

The Meridian Enhanced plan offers the premier benefits available in the international medical insurance market today. If it is important to you that only the best medical insurance plan will be sufficient for you, the Meridian Enhanced provides the richest in benefits while still offering you the kind of quality premium value that only Azimuth is able to provide.

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Meridian Clear

The Meridian Clear Plan provides coverage to a much broader segment of the international medical insurance market than has been available in the past. Azimuth does this by providing predictable benefit amounts for unforeseeable illnesses and injuries at an affordable premium point. There are different choices available to you in the international medical insurance market; the key is selecting an insurance provider which you can be confident will be available to you at your time of need, which understands the culture of international living and has the security to weather the financial environment in the world as it is today. By choosing Meridian Clear, you can be certain that you have made the correct selection on all counts.

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Expat Medical Insurance from IMG

GMI Gold

Ideally suited for those who desire full major medical coverage, but for a limited period of time. Gold provides comprehensive benefits for the first three years of coverage. After three years, certain benefits and lifetime maximums are reduced. As a result, Gold is priced more competitively than the Gold Plus option.

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GMI Gold Plus

Comprehensive major medical plan designed for people who need long-term coverage. Benefit levels continue beyond year three as long as the plan remains in effect.

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GMI Silver

Affordable medical security designed for the more budget-conscious consumer and those planning to receive care in lower cost areas of the world. Silver offers a wide range of scheduled benefits equipped to meet your essential needs.

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GMI Bronze

Another affordable medical security designed for the more budget-conscious consumer and those planning to receive care in lower cost areas of the world. Bronze offers a lower lifetime maximum and good coverage on most expensive services to meet your basic needs. This plan is great for healthy clients that want to save money.

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GMI Platinum

Provides the superior benefits package for the most discerning global consumer. Platinum offers a package of enhanced benefits and services. It is designed for the consumer who wants the convenience of comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits in one plan.

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Expat Medical Insurance Plans

Reside Prime

Reside Prime is intended for persons who live or travel outside the United States. It’s the health insurance solution for you and your family if you are:

  • a U.S. citizen relocating or spending extended time overseas.
  • a foreign national needing protection in your home country and while traveling abroad.

If coverage begins before your 75th birthday, you may renew, at the discretion of the underwriter, as long as you remain eligible and pay your renewal premium. You will not be required to answer medical questions to renew, and you cannot be singled out for cancellation. If you are insured for more than three consecutive policy periods, the Extended Coverage Schedule of Benefits applies.

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Reside Worldwide

Reside is a scheduled benefit plan that provides worldwide coverage with the flexibility and security you need. Whether you are a U.S. citizen spending extended time overseas or a foreign national looking for added protection in your home country and while traveling abroad, Reside follows you wherever you go.

  • Up to US$5,000,000 in Lifetime Coverage.
  • You may choose from two coverage areas, each with different pricing.
  • Scheduled Benefits show exact amount of the covered benefits.

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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

(“PPACA”): This insurance is not subject to, and does not provide certain of the insurance benefits required by, the United States PPACA. PPACA requires certain U.S. residents and citizens to obtain PPACA compliant insurance coverage. In certain circumstances penalties may be imposed on U.S. residents and citizens who do not maintain PPACA compliant insurance coverage. You should consult your attorney or tax professional to determine if PPACA’s requirements are applicable to you. The policy contains the plan benefits, including a lifetime maximum that you have selected. Please review your choices to ensure that you have sufficient coverage to meet your medical needs. is a web site from CDA Insurance LLC. CDA Insurance LLC is not an insurance carrier, we are an agency that represents many companies offering products to the general public. We do our best to assure that all information presented on our web site is current and accurate. The information and suggestions on our site are intended for informational purposes only, and we expressly disclaim any representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the accuracy of such information.

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