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Available for up to one year and longer, MedjetAssist offers the most comprehensive travel protection and medical transport memberships available for your health, safety and security.

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Medjet Assist Benefits

As a MedjetAssist member, if you are hospitalized virtually anywhere in the world, simply call MedjetAssist, and a specially equipped aircraft with a medical team can be dispatched to bring you to your home hospital or hospital of your choice, so you can be treated by your personal physician and be close to your family.

MedjetAssist is a prepaid, air medical transportation membership program -- not a travel insurance policy or healthcare plan. MedjetAssist was created to provide affordable, high-quality air ambulance service to individuals, families and businesses.

Lloyd's of London underwrites the program to guarantee that a transport will be available to every MedjetAssist member in time of need.

MedjetAssist transports members without regard to medical necessity. Members who are hospitalized may choose to be transported to another hospital, one of their choice.

There is no limit on the cost of a medical transport. And unlike travel insurance or travel platinum cards, MedjetAssist provides medical evacuations for its members both globally and domestically.

MedjetAssist's services are provided to members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Medical Referrals:Assistance representatives will provide contact information for doctors and hospitals in the area in which the member is traveling. If possible, medical providers will be able to speak the same language as the member. Telephone interpretation can be provided when necessary. MedjetAssist cannot guarantee the quality of the medical service provider or facility and the final selection of the medical provider is the right and responsibility of the member. In serious medical emergencies, the member should always seek immediate medical help first and then call MedjetAssist.
  • Medical Monitoring/Consultation: As soon as MedjetAssist is notified of a member's medical situation, the medical staff will establish communication with both the family and the local attending medical provider. MedjetAssist will obtain a full understanding of the situation and begin to monitor the member's condition, as well as be available to discuss diagnosis and recommended treatment for the member overseas. Medical professionals will stay in communication with the local medical personnel and relay necessary information to the member and his or her family or employer until the situation is resolved and the member is either able to resume travel, or an air medical transport is initiated.


  • Evacuation and Repatriation: When a member becomes hospitalized as an inpatient due to illness or injury while traveling 150 miles or more from home either within or outside the contiguous United States, MedjetAssist will provide air medical transportation, medical evacuation and repatriation services to the hospital of your choice.
  • Transport Services to Specialty Hospitals: Within the contiguous United States, if a member is hospitalized as an inpatient in their hometown hospital, and it is determined that the member requires the services of a specialty hospital located more than 150 miles away, MedjetAssist will provide air medical transportation to that facility, if the patient is unable to travel by commercial means without a medical escort. The member's attending physician along with the MedjetAssist physician must agree to the medical necessity of the transport to the specialty facility.
  • Transport of Mortal Remains: In the unfortunate event of a member's death while traveling outside 150 miles from home, MedjetAssist will arrange and pay for all necessary government authorization, provide a container appropriate for transportation, and return the remains to the member's place of residence for burial.
  • Legal Referrals: MedjetAssist will provide contact information for qualified attorneys in the area in which the member is traveling. If possible, the attorney will be able to speak the same language as the member. Telephone interpretation can be provided when necessary. The selection and payment of the attorney are the responsibilities of the member.
  • Emergency Message Relay: Members may send and receive emergency messages to and from relatives, friends, and business associates toll free, 24 hours a day through the assistance staff.
  • Telephone Interpretation: Members can receive assistance with foreign language interpretation over the telephone when they are having difficulty communicating with local medical specialists, by calling our toll free number or calling collect from anywhere in the world.


  • Visa, Passport & Immunization Requirements: MedjetAssist will provide visa, passport and immunization requirements for foreign countries in which members will be traveling. For an additional cost, members may also receive services such as expedited or replacement of lost or stolen visas and passports.
  • Travel, Health and Safety Precautions: In addition to providing travel, health and safety precautions for international destinations, members may also receive comprehensive pre-travel medical consultations.
  • Organ Recipient Transport: After enrollment, if you are diagnosed as a candidate for organ transplant, MedjetAssist may be able to provide, at no additional cost, air medical transportation or commercial air transportation, when necessary, to the hospital where the transplant will be performed.

Other Information Services:
Cultural Information
Temperature and Weather Information
Embassy and Consular Referrals
U.S. State Department Travel Advisories


MedjetAssist members may call for assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from around the world through MedjetAssist's toll free telephone numbers, or if necessary, collect from anywhere in the world. Members are provided with a list of special AT&T USA Direct access numbers in order to access the toll free number when visiting one of the countries listed on the directory. Medical, Legal, Personal and Special Services are available whenever an Assistance Member is traveling 150 miles or more from his or her permanent residence as listed on the enrollment form. Travel assistance information or referrals are available prior to departure or during a trip. MedjetAssist corporate offices and assistance center is located in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A..

If hospitalized while traveling, have the following information when you call MedjetAssist:

  1. Caller's name and telephone number where we can call you back.
  2. Member's name.
  3. Location (City, Country).
  4. Brief description of medical condition.
  5. Hospital telephone number.
  6. Attending physician or medical professional and telephone number.

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